Battle Royale

Fuck the Hunger Games, am I right?

Tonight at fucking midnight at the mother-fucking Logan Theater in your/soon-to-be-your-ex- neighborhood, there's fucking Battle Royale, the effing Japanese (I didn't say "fucking" because of racial) movie that came before Hunger Games. Tickets will fucking fly.

What we've got going on right now is an invitation-type situation where I'm inviting you to the movie. Come or don't, I fuck myself more than cherries growing on an unsteady mountain. I'd love to see you there.

What I'm going to do is buy my ticket right after work. You want me to get you in on this situation? You've gotta let me know, Peaches. I'm not Daddio-Supreme for no good say. You want to go buy your own tick and watch the movie with me, but buy on your own time and do good do right, that way's fine with me, I mean what the fuck. We're all people.

Battle Royale.
Some Japanese shit. I mean people people people, what is going on? Other thing is I often fall asleep when I watch movies at night, right? But not this one, not this night! Because Justice will reign supreme only when given its time to thrive. That's a line from the movie, not the one we're seeing tonight (if you're on board), but a different one I've written and already sold the rights to. So if you liked that line so much, go see my movie. Which is a pornography film. He says the line when he comes.

Battle Royale. Midnight tonight. Hope to see you there.

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